Sunday, December 28, 2014

2014 & 2015 To Come

Memories of 2014 & 2015 To Come

The future of our life will
hold memories of the past,
And the present will be a
memory if we want it to last.

2014 memories dear,
2015 is nearly here.

Memories I'll hold and
cherish them close,
While giving 2015 A
New Years Toast!
Here are my last 2014 Layouts



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Feeling Sketchy

LO Sketch!

Here is our last LO before fast has this year has flown!

Here is our sketch....a sketch? 

But it is FREE SCRAP - Your choice...

makes for fun hey??   

Live your Life...



Moving along, over at my Soul Sisters (Soul Scrappers site).
I have lots  to show you, as my Mom  would say." tis the season
to be busy"....... an old saying my Mom would say.
I  have been doing a lot of Christmas LO's.
Sure brings back memories when my girls were small.
They were so cute, and so excited to see Santa.
Everybody believes in Santa Claus, so my few layouts
are different visits with Santa.



Seeing Santa

 Here is a challenge that I had to use Sequins. Sequins are very popular  right now.
It's so funny how I came across this photo, it was taken 1965. I was only 6 years, at the time. I can always remember  the bitter cold and lots of snow. I guess what  I'm still here in Wisconsin with bitter cold and lots of Snow.

Winter is the time for home
Song/lyric challenge...Orinoco Flow by Enya .....
with this challenge you had to pick a single word or a phrase from the song.
I pick a single word SEA.
Far Beyond the SEA



Orinoco Flow Lyrics
Let me sail, let me sail,
let the Orinoco Flow,
let me reach, let me beach
on the shores of Tripoli.
Let me sail, let me sail,
let me crash upon your shore,
let me reach, let me beach
far beyond the Yellow Sea.

As we travel around the world to Thailand....
my inspiration was this photo.

I had made this page for a dear friend close to my heart and my daughter's
first love.
Rest in peace Josh.
You'll be never be forgotten.
                                  Next we have a sketch challenge from my dear friend Debi.

This  photo was taken last summer, it was an old railroad bridge.
Now it's used as a walking bridge that goes over the Eau Claire River

Thanks for stopping by....
Hugs from Wisconsin