Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hello Ladies,
What a busy day for me, I have been making Faux Scrabble letters, once I've finished
them I'll post them and show how fun the are.They are easy to make
but yet it takes a whole day.Depends on how many you make, I used the letters on my submission "Hey Soul Sister."
 While, I was making them I took pictures of them , I'll post those,and
a tutorial on how I made them. That way if you want to make them,your
more than welcome to try. They add so much to your layout.
Until tomorrow, have a lovely day.

Hi Ladies,
I just finished my Faux Scrabble letters. They turned out great. Here is a picture of them.
They are actually easy to make, but it time consuming, but  it worth it.
Here is what you need:
If your interested in making them. Just email me and I'll send you the scrabble tiles.
what you need to do print out the scrabble tiles. Step 2 cut the strips and  paste
them to chipboard, let dry.

Step 3. Cut your scrabbles apart like this..

Step 4. You need to blackend the edges  around your titles.

Step 5. Is kinda messy, but it worth it, paint a thin layer of
Glossy Accents and let dry over night.
That's it, how easy is that.

If your interested in making them just email me and I'll you the
main sheets of scrabble tiles. Then you print them out and
make you own.

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