Friday, February 25, 2011

The contest is base on the genre of music.
The contest is to complete the challenges and to earn points to
win prizes.

The 1st week was the Beatles.
I had chosen the title : Do You Want to Know a Secret.

SSGC#1 Do you want to know a Secret

This picture was given to me by my sister Jane. This is Charlie and Mandy, to me
it looks like Charlie is telling Mandy a Secret, but really Charlie was washing her  ears.

The 2nd week of Glee club the music genre was Alternative Music the" Train."
I had chosen the title.."Hey Soul Sister"

SSGC#2 Hey Soul Sister

The reason I had pick this title was because my daughter Hannah was best friends with Cailtan since k Thur 7th grade.Then the friendship kinda drifted apart when they started middle school. Now in their Jr. year in High school they rekindled their friendship. 

The 3rd week of Glee Club the music is Children's music, I had chosen the "Wheels on the Bus", by Raffi.
SSGC#3..Wheels on the Bus

This is my oldest daughter Jennifer on her first day of school. It's crazy how some parents including myself
 take pictures of our children getting on the bus. With a few tears running down my face.
I was excited for her, but yet I didn't want her to go. It was very hard on me,when I see my little girl, get on the big yellow bus.

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  1. Love your pages you have done for GLEE club so far...Well done!