Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hello everyone!

What a wonderful day in the neighborhood, what a joke, I thought that Spring was on it's way, well, what a rude awakening this morning.  There was snow,  only a dusty, but still, what has happen to our Spring! But I did see my first Robin actually it was 2 Robins a male and female, so I guess spring is  here. My Tulips are coming up, there are are about 12 inches of above the ground, I'm hoping that they will be in bloom by Easter.   

Anyways, this last past week I have been  working on a couple of challenges for Soul Scrappers. The first was a sketch layout. Here is the sketch that I used:
                                                                Here is my take on the sketch.


In this submission I have used pictures of my daughters Winter Carnival. For those who don't know what Winter Carnival is, it's Mid- Winter formal dance for the students. So here is one of many pages I will be doing for Hannah's scrapbook.  I'll post them as I make them.

Another challenge I did this week was called Layering and using chipboard. Layering isn't new for me where i use that technique quite bit. Here is what I did.  

"Can you help me find Heaven"

This picture was taken this past winter, on one of my Mini adventures with my daughter Hannah.  Since she is in Digital Photography class in school, once a week we go out taking pictures, granted she has assignment that she does and I go along for the fun of it and take pictures, We came along a cemetery, called Hillside Cemetery.   We found this small chapel, which I thought look so unique. 

 I had  found a  poem that reads:

"Can You help Me Find Heaven."

Can you help me find heaven?
Is it a place I can go?
How do I get there?
How will I know?

Close your eyes tight.
And feel with your heart,
It  knows what is true
There you will find
a piece of Heaven,
Inside of you.

When I read this poem, I constantly fell in love with it.
So I  thought this picture was just perfect.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog. Until week have fantastic Week.


  1. Love the layouts Mary :)
    After all the snow you have had I can just imagine how please you are that Spring is finally on its way.

  2. Love the Heaven Poem. Your pages are so beautiful, great job. I mentioned you and your blog on one of my posts, let all my followers know about the free photos from Magic Moonlight Studios.
    Thanks for Sharing Sis,

  3. Your pages came out beautiful Mary. I'm so glad that you got to see two Robins. :) Spring is here it's just not a warm as it is suppose to be. Our snow is almost all gone, the birds are here and the tulips are coming up. Before we know it it will be summer.

    I love the photos of your daughters and the poem is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.