Sunday, September 4, 2011

Autumn is approaching fast here in Wisconsin.

Hello from Wisconsin,
Oh my, where has the summer gone, it went by way too fast. As we enter September, the weather seems to change too.Both my girls has started school, Jennifer is in third year of college and my baby girl Hannah is a senior  in High School this year. Does that mean  that 'm getting old? I don't think so . I'll always be young at heart.

   I had found this perfect poem to go with our Autumn season, that I wanted to share  with you.

Autumn Splendor

Author: Lynne Adams

Autumn Leaves
Bright and vibrant
Warm sun and bright blue sky
Chilly breezes blow
Golden Leaves from Heaven fall
To ride the wind and swirl around
Red,Orange,Yellow, Green and Brown
Colors of Beauty slowly come down
A symphany of Autumns Gifts sing
From God with Love to
Enjoy Wisconsin....



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