Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shop Til YOut Drop

I'm going to share with  you today a few of my layouts I did for Soul Scrappers;We are celebrating our 2nd birthday this year. Our theme this year is Shop til  Ya Drop.http://soul-scrappers.ning.com/
Here is one the shops I did a submissions for.

Let’s Go Shopping
In Karen's Travel Boutique
– Managed by me (Karen Findlay)
For my Challenge you need to create a Layout only.
Please include three or more holiday photos.
Five travel embellishments and a journaling tag

The travel Shop, well since I really don't travel. I had botherd some photos from my daughter Jennifer. She had gone to New York for a class trip back in 2008.I decide to use these photos of Strawberry Fields. It's localed on the West side of Central Park. 

John Lennon

 Moving right along we have another shop called:

Ankle Biters Clothing Store
– Managed by Jane Howden
For my Challenge you need to draw inspiration from an item of children’s clothing.
Please upload a photo of the clothing item as well as your layout to the Gallery, so we can compare.
Here is my inspirational piece of clothing ...


I had so much fun making this page.It  took me 3 hours. I got my cricut machine out and away I went . The colors are so close to the dress. I think it turned out great.
Thanks for stopping by, until  next time have a fantastic day.
Hugs Mary

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