Friday, March 2, 2012

NO MOre ExcuSes

Hello Ladies:)
Today I just uploaded my challenge for Soul Scrappers. It's funny how one little can mean so different in many ways. My word this month is No. Just two little letters strung together. Seemingly harmless but wow what an impact when you want something and are given no as an answer. Most people think of it as a negative word but I am starting to believe it helps me make personal decisions about what I want in my life and what I don't. For example I can say yes to courage and no to fear and it means the same thing really. But there is something about the word no that gives me courage against fear. Funny thing that little word.
Here is my example:
NO MOrE excuSes

Moving right along we have a Sketch Challenge done by Karen over Soul Scrappers. Here is her sketch. I used some of Hannah's Feb.4  2012 Winter Carnival Photos.

Winter Carnival 2012

My last entry is a  sketch I had found while I was blog hopping.

In the top photo is Hannah and Jennifer I want to say Hannah is about 5 and Jennifer is 7.
The lower photo is taken last year at Christmas time 2011.
Until next time have a fantastic week. Thanks for  stopping by.
Hugs Mary

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