Friday, May 25, 2012

MAY 23, 2012, Graduation Day

What a day, knowing that your youngest daughter is about to graduate from High School. So many things goes though your mind, you ask yourself, was I good parent. I hope I was.

I can still remember the day I had told her Daddy that we we going to have another baby,the first thing that came to our minds was it could be a little boy. Kelly would have his fishing partner and and a golfing buddy, were his first thoughts. But as the months grew on by, I knew deep down that it was another girl. Which was a blessing, at least for her older sister would have a playmate.
I'm going to post some of my favorite photos of her.
Back in 7th grade a few of friends dressed as clowns for the Doll and Pet parade.
Hannah is the center clown.
Her first high school dance homecoming 2008.
Hannah and her kitty MILO
Senior year RAmbler Storm Dance.

What was she thinking, oh Hannah, the goofy things that you do.

What a beautiful girls. Off  to JR Prom.
As we move on the Senior year.

 Here we are on the day of graduation, May 23,2012,so proud on my baby girl. I wish her with success and happiness.


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