Friday, August 3, 2012

Big Picture Classes

 I having been doing a workshop from Big Picture classes online.  The class I'm doing is the 28 Days of Sketches. So far I have done 15 sketches.Plus along with my Soul Scrappers challenges.I'm still doing the Paper Secrets SYAO(scrap your ass off). I'm up to #27 .I'm going to show you some of the sketches I have done.  Then I'll move to Soul Scrappers.

                                     Day1. Sketch

Free Spirit
                                               Day 2. Sketch

                                                          Day 3. Sketch

Breath taking

                                                             Day 4. Sketch

Lions, tigers or Josh

                                                            Day 5 Sketch

Mr Campbell

Day 6 Sketch


I want  to move along to Soul Scrappers. I have  done a few word challenges I like to share with you.

June word challenge:

Nap Time

                                                          July word  challenge
I am so blessed to have you as my friend

                                                           Month of August
I Hope you enjoyed my work . Until next time have a great weekend.

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