Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Look

I'm hoping my new look will give me some great inspiration, my mojo has been very slow lately, but it's coming back. Here are a few layouts I have created this week.

Soul Scrappers:
Challenges Song/ Lyrics                                                    

Hey man I have  a beautiful Lady

I'm gonna tell {Hey, Yippie, Yi, Yo}
To any girls calling them canine {Yippie, Yi, Yo}
Tell the dummy "Hey Man, It's part of the Party!" {Yippie Yi, Yo}
You fetch a women in front and her mans behind {Yippie, Yi, Yo} 

We had to choice a few words or the title or a phrase from the song for this challenge.

Soul Scrap Quest 13.... Theme is vintage, we had to use an black and white photo, dating back 40 years ago.
I had found the photo of my Mom back when she was in high School choir.

Class of 1944

Next we have.... A recipe with negative space challenge:
                             Our recipe is to use...
                             1. wood grain pattern paper
                             2. ink spots
                             3. negative space
                             4. ribbon


Thanks for stopping until next week have a lovely day.
Happy Scrappin:)



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