Friday, November 2, 2012

Amazing Race Stop 6 South America

You have three check in options for South America.
Either Brazil, Peru or Colombia.

Chose wisely as once you've checked you can not change your mind.
However you will not be disappointed ,as if you read below you will see that both all three of the countries are equally amazing. Seats are limited so put your name down quickly for tickets to the country of your choice.
(Once all the seats have been filled, more seats will be opened!)
Each country offers a different set of criteria to scrap. You will only scrap ONE country on this stop!
 My pick is Peru.

criteria to be include on your layout for this country are as follows:

1. At least one butterfly to represent the huge number of butterfly species in Peru.
2. White washing of embellies or paper using Gesso or a white medium to show the beautiful snow capped Andes mountains in Peru.
3. Distressing in aid of the ancient lost city of Machu Picchu

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