Monday, August 18, 2014

Archi - Scraps


Well I'm back with a few more layouts, I was playing with a few more of Jennifer's photos from Ireland. Here she is at Blarney Castle, in Dublin Ireland.

Archi-scraps August Challenge - Castellation

The towers of the Grand masters in Rhodes Greece.
I have a friend who lives on Rhodes, so have been to this castle twice now.

It can be anywhere on your layout, but include in your description where it is.
Even if it is on your photo we would like it somewhere else as well to see your crafting skills.

Here is a little history on the Blarney Castle.

The castle originally dates from before 1200, when a wooden structure was believed to have been built on the site, although no evidence remains of this. Around 1210 this was replaced by a stone fortification. It was destroyed in 1446, but subsequently rebuilt by Cormac Laidir MacCarthy, Lord of MuscryThe castle was besieged during the Irish Confederate Wars and was seized in 1646 by Parliamentarian forces under Lord Broghill. However after the Restoration the castle was restored to Donough MacCarty, who was made 1st Earl of Clancarty.[
During the Williamite War in Ireland in the 1690s, the then 4th Earl of Clancarty (also named Donough MacCarty) was captured and his lands (including Blarney Castle) were confiscated by the Williamites.
The castle was sold and changed hands a number of times-Sir Richard Pyne, the Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, owned it briefly- before being purchased in the early 1700s by Sir James St. John Jefferyes, then Governor of Cork City.
Members of the Jefferyes family would later build a mansion near the keep. This house was destroyed by fire however, and in 1874 a replacement baronial mansion—known as Blarney House—was built overlooking the nearby lake.


  1. Thanks for entering Archiscraps Mary. I really like your layout especially those wonderful photos.

  2. Great LO,thanks for joining us Archiscraps this month Mary

  3. Jennifer looks very stylish in this pic Mary. Love the greens.

  4. Visited there many, many years ago - do they still let you kiss the Blarney Stone, Mary? Lovely pose in the arched opening. The clock face element adds a timeless feel to your page (no pun intended!)