Saturday, March 26, 2011

Glee Club week 5...

We are entering our 5th week of Glee Club. This week we celebrate Country Pop. Our County pop Star,
is................ Miss Carrie Underwood. Just  Little information  about Carrie Underwood, she won American Idol in the 4th season  2005. Her first album was Some Hearts.In 2008 she won the Best female country vocal, and won best female performer
  The title I pick from her was "Jesus Take the Wheel." The reason I pick this was because my oldest daughter started  driving a year later when that song came out. Whenever she took the car, I ALWAYS told her to drive careful,and guess what she would say to me, " Mom , don't worry, then she would  sing back at me "Jesus take the Wheel". Now I have 2 daughters driving. As you well see in my layout.

The first photo is my oldest daughter Jenn, and second photo is my baby girl Hannah. Now I feel safe the Jesus will always be with them.

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