Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring has Arrived

                                                              Hello everybody,
On March 18,  just a few days before Spring, I had noticed in my flower garden that my Tulips have popped up , as you see in the photo below. Now there is hope after all, here in Wisconsin we had a hard and cold snowy winter. Normally we get average of 36 inches of snow. As of March 23, yes 3  days after Spring we got hit with another snow storm, it started out with  rain, then sleet, then thunder and lighthening and more rain, then finally the big heavy white snow flakes, yes another 5 inches of snow totally the 69.5 inches this year. My poor Tulips I hope they  make Thu the snow. It has been cold, just the last 2 weeks ago we had temperatures in the low 40's, which had melted all the snow, until last week we got  hit once again. Will Spring ever get here?????

 My tulips at least 2 inches above the ground.

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