Monday, March 7, 2011

  1st layout: Was a recyclable challenge.  We were to use non scrap items for our embellishments.  The photo  I used was a birthday boutique from my daughters.  For my non scrap items, were a cutout from a birthday card, I used flower tags, an old Dollie, and my lettering came from a birthday party  bag.

My 2nd layout:
 Was a  submission to From Screen  2 Scrap.  The theme was 9 to 5. You had to use a picture of yourself back in the 80's. I found this picture,of  me, I was on my way to work on cold winter day.In submission I used a new technique .It's call water detressing, it when you dampen the edges of your paper and curl them the way you want. Then I made my own flowers on this layout.
3rd layout: Was a theme page for Soul Scrapper. Fall was the theme. I came across the bridge on Sunday atfernoon outing, it was late October day. Believe  me this was a challenge  just taking this picture, I had to walk thru woods, good thing there was a path leading down by the river. I was really impress how this turn out. With  the reflection of the bridge in the river.
4th layout: This layout holds a speical memory for me. It's a picture of my parents as bride and groom. Then both sets of my grandparents. My Parents were married September 25, 1950.

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