Saturday, March 19, 2011

Let The Music Play

 Here is my entry for week 4 of the Glee Club The music Gener was Soul Music.  We are going
back to the mid 60's with famous Ladies..  Diana Ross and The Supremes. The title I used  was..                                  
                                                   "Let the Music Play"                                   

This is my daughter Hannah, she went to her first concert May 5, 2010.
The White Tie Affair. She had a blast, she had won backstage passes. As you see
she had her picture taken with the group.
How I did this layout, I used an old  paint brush and brush on grey and white paint. On blue cardstock,
Then I add the stars which are chipbroad and inked them with  yellow ink, I made
the ablum out of black cardstock to give it that 60's feeling .

Coming next week is Country Pop, starring Carrie Underwood.

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  1. Love the layout Mary, and very clever how you made the album out of black cardstock :)