Saturday, April 14, 2012

Create is my topic

Hello ladies,
I have my monthly challenge over at Soul Scrappers. For the month of April I have decide to use the CREATE.
create....think about it.... how cool is it that we HAVE THE POWER to create...& imagine what we can do if we simply learn to OWN THAT POWER THAT WE EACH POSSES TO CREATE... we can cause something to exist... we can bring what we desire into being...
we've got the power all built in...& once we realize that....look out!!!
so what are you looking for? what do you want? what does your heart long for?
some things i'm looking forward to creating this year are smiles, hope, love, opportunity, energy, balance, peace, fun, sparks, kindness, growth, friendships, play, connections, charity, music, calm, answers and lots of art along the way :)

so get to producing through your imaginative efforts & CREATE.

Here is how did my word CREATE:)
I took  the time and baked a batch of Blueberry Muffins. I did a photo shot of each step of making these yummy muffins.

Create to Perfection

Moving right along  I did a sketch challenge . Here is the sketch I had used.
Here is mine submission

Hannah spend the afternoon just walking and living history.Can you image walking on cobblestones roads. Here is a little history lesson on these 2 building, which the Old Town Hall is on top and the lower photo is New Town Hall.

A New Town Hall
By the mid-19th century, Munich was growing in leaps and bounds. The city council determined that more space was needed to house government offices so they embarked on plans for a new town hall. A site at the Marienplatz was chosen and two dozen buildings were demolished in order to make way for the grand Neues Rathaus, which was designed by 24-year-old Georg Hauberrisser. Incidentally, the Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall) was not
Munich's New Town Hall
demolished but still stands near the Neues Rathaus.

Construction on the new town hall began in 1867 with the eastern portion of the building, fashioned from brick. It was completed in 1874. Fifteen years later, an extension was built on the rear on the building. Finally, the limestone western half of the building was added, featuring the most recognizable part of the Neues Rathaus, the 79-meter (259 foot) tower. All was completed by 1909.

The town hall is constructed in the Flemish Gothic style. Its fa├žade is more than 90m (300 feet) in length and the ornate stone ornamentation that graces the exterior is stunning.
The spire of the Neues Rathaus in Munich
There are wonderful stained glass windows, beautiful vaulted ceilings, intricately carved woodworkings, and a labyrinth-patterned floor in the inner courtyard. Hauberrisser saw to every detail of the project and the result was grand, even though it's easy to tell where the original portion ends and the western half begins.
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  1. oh Mary those blueberry muffins look so yummy :) love the layouts.