Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Art journaling

 Hello Ladies:)

I'm back with an update on mine Art Journaling pages, I have made 2 more pages.
My first page  was for Soul Scrapper's  April's Art Journal challenge and font technique.
For some reason, I just don't like my hand writing. To me it's too sloppy. Here is my page.

Renewal: Require opening yourself up to new ways of
thinking and feelings.
My next page took me a month to finish. It turn out great, I liked the results.

                                   Here are my steps I did on this Technique

1:) I layer it with Drywall Tape.
2:) Then I added my gesso over the entire page,
then I let dry over night, to make sure it was completely dry.
3:) Then I sprayed it down with water  so it was dripping wet.
I got out my acrylic paints, bottom I did orange and top I did yellow
towards the middle I blended it together. Still keeping it wet, so paints
moved easy I wanted a thin layer. Again let it dry.
4:) I got some stencils and texture paste and my flowers or you call them
sun burst. Again another drying process.
5:)  I added black soft charcoal  around the flowers and added some black ink on the
6:) I add green ink  of the bottom of the page again used water to make it run down the page, I also add some red ink too.
7:) Since the texture of the page was too rough to write on I just printed my quote  out and colored it with oil pastels.

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