Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Someone Speical in our Lives

                                                                  Hi Ladies.....
   I wanted to share this  layout with you, which  I did for Soul Scrappers " All about me challenge." This month,is my challenge for all my Soul sisters on Soul Scrappers.. The title is Someone speical in our Lives. What they need to do is scrapbook a page of that someone speical, parent or grandparent, using a black and white photo. Then put the year of of of the Photo.
     I recently receive a box of old photos of my parents when they were younger. The photo I scrap was a picture of my Mother, in her senior year of High School. She has her high school sweather on if you notice that had the year that graduated, which was 1947.
 ' This photo really caught my attention, so I decided to do a vintage looking page. I
 made my flowers, I use Tim Holtz Tattered Flowers die, except the white silk roses. I did a water detressing on pp. Add some bling. I added my year on the the vintage car. I think it turn great. 



Saturday, March 26, 2011

Glee Club week 5...

We are entering our 5th week of Glee Club. This week we celebrate Country Pop. Our County pop Star,
is................ Miss Carrie Underwood. Just  Little information  about Carrie Underwood, she won American Idol in the 4th season  2005. Her first album was Some Hearts.In 2008 she won the Best female country vocal, and won best female performer
  The title I pick from her was "Jesus Take the Wheel." The reason I pick this was because my oldest daughter started  driving a year later when that song came out. Whenever she took the car, I ALWAYS told her to drive careful,and guess what she would say to me, " Mom , don't worry, then she would  sing back at me "Jesus take the Wheel". Now I have 2 daughters driving. As you well see in my layout.

The first photo is my oldest daughter Jenn, and second photo is my baby girl Hannah. Now I feel safe the Jesus will always be with them.

Spring has Arrived

                                                              Hello everybody,
On March 18,  just a few days before Spring, I had noticed in my flower garden that my Tulips have popped up , as you see in the photo below. Now there is hope after all, here in Wisconsin we had a hard and cold snowy winter. Normally we get average of 36 inches of snow. As of March 23, yes 3  days after Spring we got hit with another snow storm, it started out with  rain, then sleet, then thunder and lighthening and more rain, then finally the big heavy white snow flakes, yes another 5 inches of snow totally the 69.5 inches this year. My poor Tulips I hope they  make Thu the snow. It has been cold, just the last 2 weeks ago we had temperatures in the low 40's, which had melted all the snow, until last week we got  hit once again. Will Spring ever get here?????

 My tulips at least 2 inches above the ground.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Let The Music Play

 Here is my entry for week 4 of the Glee Club The music Gener was Soul Music.  We are going
back to the mid 60's with famous Ladies..  Diana Ross and The Supremes. The title I used  was..                                  
                                                   "Let the Music Play"                                   

This is my daughter Hannah, she went to her first concert May 5, 2010.
The White Tie Affair. She had a blast, she had won backstage passes. As you see
she had her picture taken with the group.
How I did this layout, I used an old  paint brush and brush on grey and white paint. On blue cardstock,
Then I add the stars which are chipbroad and inked them with  yellow ink, I made
the ablum out of black cardstock to give it that 60's feeling .

Coming next week is Country Pop, starring Carrie Underwood.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vertigo it's here.........

                This Month challenge is the Movie Poster, Vertigo from Screen2Scrap..
                                      Added Criteria for an added  6 Bonus Points.
                                           1. Orange background = 1 pt.
                                           2. A black  silhouette figure (person) = 2 pt.
                                           3. a spirograph shape or swirl on your layout = 3pt.

                                                             Here is mine:

      To Check out more entries of Vertigo go to:

Spring is on it's way

Silently Spring

Silently, as the Dark Dreary Days of Winter
seem to never lose their hold,
Beneath the Surface of the Earth,
The Magic of Springs Wonders
Unravel and Unfold.

'Till then at once, one chilly morn
after Winters gripping Frost
a Tiny Sprig of Green appears
from neath the Sod
A sign that all has not been lost.

The Sun Comes out, the Rains they fall,
the Crickets begin to Serenade
Then Winter slips off into Yesterday,
as Flowers Break Forth Everywhere
as if in a Great .

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Artasitc Challenge for March

                     Hello everyone!

March's Inspiration challenge came from the painting called
                       ' Circus Horse'
                        by Marc Chagall
For more information you can go to

Diva Demand for an extra 10 points ,try and work the  following items
into your layout.
                         Total of 10 points
                        1.) Bright layout = 1 pt
                        2.) an animal = 2 pt
                        3.) at least 3 circles = 3 pt
                 Bonus ..4 pt. add an horse anywhere on the layout.

Here is my take on the challenge: "Can I go Again"
I had a lot fun doing this layout, it brought  back so many
memories for me.This is my oldest daughter who is now
19. She had the love for  Merry-go-Rounds when she was small.
She would never get tried of riding her ponies .

Monday, March 7, 2011

  1st layout: Was a recyclable challenge.  We were to use non scrap items for our embellishments.  The photo  I used was a birthday boutique from my daughters.  For my non scrap items, were a cutout from a birthday card, I used flower tags, an old Dollie, and my lettering came from a birthday party  bag.

My 2nd layout:
 Was a  submission to From Screen  2 Scrap.  The theme was 9 to 5. You had to use a picture of yourself back in the 80's. I found this picture,of  me, I was on my way to work on cold winter day.In submission I used a new technique .It's call water detressing, it when you dampen the edges of your paper and curl them the way you want. Then I made my own flowers on this layout.
3rd layout: Was a theme page for Soul Scrapper. Fall was the theme. I came across the bridge on Sunday atfernoon outing, it was late October day. Believe  me this was a challenge  just taking this picture, I had to walk thru woods, good thing there was a path leading down by the river. I was really impress how this turn out. With  the reflection of the bridge in the river.
4th layout: This layout holds a speical memory for me. It's a picture of my parents as bride and groom. Then both sets of my grandparents. My Parents were married September 25, 1950.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Color Challenge

I had made this page for a color challenge on Soul Scrappers. The colors that we had to use was from Stampinup.
Marina Mist
Early Espresso
Certainly Celery.
The photo I used was a picture of my youngest daughter, Hannah. She bring so much joy into my life.
You never know whats going to happen when she is around.

Here is another color challenge, we did in February Again we used stampin-up colors.
Riding Hood Red
Pink Pirouette
This photo  is a picture of both my girls Jennifer is my oldest and Hannah is my youngest.
My quote reads...

     A daughter is......
     A Joy brighter.....
     A heart warmer...
     A memory maker...
    A Daughter is.....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

" Getting there is Half the Fun."

This page is created for a theme challenge on Soul Scrappers.
The theme was called Getting There is Half the Fun. This picture was
taken down at our Farmers Market in the dead end of  November.
This is my daughter Hannah and her friend walking towards the river.
You really can't see the river, where the picture cuts it off.

If you notice I had use my Faux Scrabble Tiles that I had made.
I think by using those tiles it adds so much to the layout.
Thanks for looking. Have a wonder day...